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Digital Collections Repository

Digital Collections FAQs and Help

Q. What are the Digital Collections?

A: RMIT Library’s Digital Collections contain digitised and born-digital resources to support teaching, research and the student experience. The collections range from past exam papers to digitised archival material to student works to digitised course readings. Digital resources are in a variety of formats including images, videos, sound recordings, and PDFs.

Q: How do I find the Digital Collections?

The Digital Collections can be found in LibrarySearch. Digital items will appear in search results and users can limit by Collection.


Limiting by collection:


You can also view all digital collections via the Digitsed Resources tab at the top of LibrarySearch



This will take you to the Digital Collections Gallery. 

Q. Why do I have to log in to view some resources?

A: Copyright status and licences determine what level of access we can give to our digital resources. If a resource is out of copyright, users will be able to get to full access. If it is still in copyright or under licence, we can only make it available to staff and students of RMIT, so we restrict access to logged-in users only.

Q. I’m definitely logged in, but I'm getting an error message when I click on the resource.

A: Some resources are restricted further than login. Some might be staff only or only available internally to the Library.

If you think you should have access to the resource, please email and we will look into it.

If it is an eReserve item, please contact


Q. How do I just search the one collection?

A: There are two ways.

1. Enter your search term into the LibrarySearch box, and then select the collection from the left-hand sidebar. You may have to expand the list to find the collection.

2. Go to the Digital Collections page and select the collection you wish to search. Use the 'Search inside the collection' option. Please note this is the limited search functionality. 


Q. What is the difference between digital collections and electronic resources?

A: Digital resources are files that are owned by the institution, such as images, videos, sound recordings, and PDFs. Electronic resources, on the other hand, are owned by a vendor and accessed via subscription, open access, or other contracts. Digital resources are unique into RMIT Library because, in addition to the metadata, the asset files themselves are managed in the Library’s digital asset management system. For electronic resources, only the metadata is managed in the Library’s system. The vendor manages and stores the actual files elsewhere.

Q: I would like a higher-quality version of an image.

A: Email with the permalink for the records and we will make one available for you if possible.


brief record with permalink link icon highlighted 



Q: You told me my resource would be available in LibrarySearch today but I can’t find it.

A: The library system and LibrarySearch talk to each other overnight, and resources added the day before will usually appear by 10 am. If they have not, please email and we will investigate for you.

Q. How do I watch or download Off-air & Licensed Video from Digital collections?

A: The collection is available to RMIT users to watch and download (login required)

Step 1:  From LibrarySearch select Digitised Resources, then > Video & Audio > Off-air & Licensed Video.


Step 2: Find the title you want to view and Login

Step 3: Click on the title under the heading Digital Version

Step 4: Click on the play button to watch, and to download the file click on the arrow button on the top right corner.

Q. Can we restrict access to content in the Digital Collections?

A: Yes, we can restrict access to content in Digital Collections to registered RMIT users only.

Q. I have a suggestion for an item to digitise. What should I do?

A: We're always keen to hear about items you believe would be a valuable addition to our collections via digitisation. Please note that digitisation policies apply and that not all items will be deemed suitable.

For further information please email at if you have any digitisation question.


Q. I am not a registered user of RMIT library. How can I access to digital collections?

A: Quite a few of our digital collections are open access which means there are no restrictions on who can view them. These include:

If there is something, in particular, you would like to access and can’t, please contact at If you are alumni of RMIT, make sure you have an alumni account. To check the library services for RMIT alumni use the alumni library subject guide.



Q. Can I get usage statistics on a collection?

A:  Yes, we can create usage statistics reports for individual Digital Collections. Please contact the team with details about what you wish to know and the time period.

Q. I’m definitely logged in, but I still can’t access the resource.

A: Some resources are restricted further than just via RMIT user login. If you think you should have access to the resource, please email and we will look into it.