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LGBTIQA+ Resources

Use this guide to find lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer/questioning and asexual resources.

Using LibrarySearch

LibrarySearch is the best place to start when looking for a book in the library.

You can find textbooks, reports, dictionaries and encyclopedias in both print and online formats in LibrarySearch.


The search tips and terminology resources below may give you some further terms to use when searching for resources on LGBTIQA+ issues. 

RMIT University authors have also recently contributed to a new online resource LGBTIQA+ Multilingual Terminology. You can consult this  resource to find out about terminology individuals use to describe themselves to articulate their sexual orientation and gender identity in several languages.

Search Tips

The following search tips can be used to find resources in LibrarySearch, library databases, Google Scholar and Google to refine your search.

Use AND to find all your search terms
gender AND representation AND media

Use OR to find any of your search terms
LGBT* OR gay OR "gender diverse"

Use quotation marks to search for exact phrases 
“gender identity”

Use truncation (*) to find different word endings and plurals
LGBT* finds all acronyms starting with LGBT (you might also try GLB*)

trans* will probably retrieve too many irrelevent results. Searching these terms may be more relevant - transgender, transgendered, transition, etc.

Use the wildcard (?) to find variations in spelling
wom?n finds woman and women

Use brackets for complex search statements
“gender identity” AND (media OR online)

Search for more specific terms

bisexual* queer lesbian* non-binary etc