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Company and Industry Information

This research guide provides you with starting points for finding information on Australian and international companies and industries.

Recommended databases

Coverage is worldwide, unless noted otherwise.  Please note that Company reports are not scholarly but are credible sources of information.

  • Industry Reports (Australia and China) 
  • Company Reports (Australia) 
  • SWOT analysis 
  • Industry Reports 
  • Company Profiles 
  • Consumer Profiles 
  • Analytics, including forecast models
  • Industry Reports 
  • Company Reports 
  • SWOT & PESTLE analyses 
  • Industry and Company Case Studies 
  • Country Profiles 
  • News dashboard 
  • Industry profiles 
  • Company reports 
  • SWOT analyses 
  • Market research reports 
  • Case studies 
  • Trade publications 
  • Academic journals 
  • News source
  • Journal articles 
  • Trade Journals 
  • Company reports 
  • Country reports 
  • Industry reports 
  • News 
  • Working papers
  • Journal articles 
  • Case studies 
  • Consumer information 
  • Trend forecasts 
  • Company reports 
  • News 
  • Industry Snapshots 
  • Company Snapshots 
  • Market Data Charts 
  • News source
  • Company profiles 
  • Industry reports 
  • Market reports 
  • Market research
  • Annual reports 
  • Company reports 
  • Financials
  • Annual reports 
  • Company prospectuses 
  • Bidder and target statements 

News sources

Annual reports

Australian Public Company- Listed on Stock Exchange (ASX)

Non-Australian company annual reports 

  • See the Websites section in this guide.

TIP: A company's website is often a good source of information about their latest news, developments, new products etc, but be aware of bias. Public and not-for-profit companies may also offer access to annual reports on their websites.

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