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Applied Science: Chemistry, Environmental Science and Nanotechnology

This guide will assist RMIT students who are studying Chemistry, Environmental Science and Nanotechnology.

Fact checking

Fact checking is an important skill when using websites and social media. Learn how to assess and verify your sources with RMIT’s Fact Checking guide.

Evaluating information


Evaluate your sources using the C.R.A.A.P test to find reliable, quality information.

    When was it created?

    Is it on my topic?

    Is it by an expert?

    Is it correct and reliable?

    Why was it created?

The SIFT Method

Evaluate web and social media sources in 4 moves

Before reading, sharing or using the information, stop and think about it.

Check where the information is from.

Can you find better or other coverage on the same topic?

Trace claims, quotes and media back to the original context.

Learn more about how to apply the SIFT Method.