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Computer Science and Information Technology



             Irene Caleb
             Liaison Librarian for
             the School of Science

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Key Databases for Journal Articles and Conference Papers

Video Tutorials on is a collection of self-paced, in-depth video tutorials covering business, design, computing and web subjects, and software programs. The instructional videos come with exercise files and certificates of completion. 

Computing and IT subjects covered include, programming with Java, C, R, Python, PhP, Scratch and Go (amoung others), UX design, designing Apps for iOS and Android, Big Data, Hadoop, Data Visualization, Responsive Web design and many more.

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When you first use you will be asked to create an individual profile. This profile “allows you to track your movie viewing history and enjoy other features designed to help you organize and customize your training.” is also available as an App for both Apple and Android devices.

Login via iOS device

  1. Launch the App.
  2. Select the Menu list (top left of the screen).
  3. Select "Login".
  4. Select the Organization tab.
  5. In the text box under Web Portal type and select "login".
  6. At the Authentication screen, enter your RMIT ID and Password and select "login".
  7. Select "open" at the prompt to "open content in