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Strategic publishing

This guide provides information on applying strategic measures when considering publishing, promoting and tracking your research.

Communicating and Sharing your research

Blog, tweet and post about your research

Use social media such as Twitter or LinkedIn to both follow key people and organisations in your research field as well as to promote your own new publications and achievements.

If you use social media for both personal and professional purposes, consider creating separate accounts for each purpose

For more information about using social media in academia, refer to Social Media tab in this guide.

Regularly updated blogs and websites can be an excellent source of news about either specific research areas or academia and research in general. Some examples of blogs you may find useful:

Consider using Altmetrics to track your research mentions on social media platforms and in other non-academic publications including news media and public policy documents or websites.

For more information on using altmetrics refer to the blog post How to use altmetrics to communicate the potential impact of your work (source: Altmetric blog, Patty Smith, 16 January 2020) and the Library's online guide:

Share your research data

Making data discoverable increases your research impact, assists with the verification of results, and more importantly allows others to reuse the data in new ways creating new research endeavoursSome research funding bodies such as the Australian Research Council (ARC) mandate that research data is available via open access.

For more information on managing your research data refer to the Library's online guide:

Media releases and translating your research 

You may also want to consider releasing a news story via RMIT Communications, becoming a media expert in your research area, undertake training to engage with the media effectively or contacting the RMIT Partnership and Translation team to discuss how your research can be implemented into practice and/or policy.

Researcher networks

Join researcher networks appropriate for your discipline. For example: