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Strategic publishing

This guide provides information on applying strategic measures when considering publishing, promoting and tracking your research.

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Navigating the Maze of Researcher Profiles

ORCID, Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scholar, LinkedIn, Academia, ResearchGate – the list of online researcher profiles can be overwhelming. Which are the most useful for you? Do you really need all these profiles?

This session, presented by the Library's Teaching & Research team, will cover the purpose and functionality of these profiles and, most importantly, which are worth having. How do you set them up and maintain them? What’s considered best practice? Are you looking for metrics, or future collaborators? Are you looking to create impact academically, or outside that community?

Wednesday 20 September 2023, 2:30-3:30 PM

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Some points to consider

So, you are undertaking your research and you are starting to consider where you will publish.

Some points to consider, to assist with this activity are:

  • Set publishing objectives. Are you wanting to build a publishing record, contribute to new knowledge, disseminate research findings or increase your research profile or impact?
  • Do you need to consider access, turn around times for publication and readership including target audience?
  • Speak with your colleagues / supervisors about where to publish.
  • Which publication titles are coming up when undertaking a literature search.
  • Who are the key researchers in your area and where are they publishing. Use some of the tools within citation databases such as Scopus to identify these.

Getting published

Getting published: a researcher’s guide (12:22 min) by Graduate Research School Western Sydney University (YouTube)

Publishing a journal article

Applying strategic measures when considering publishing, promoting and tracking your research is an important component of being an academic researcher and it will have a significant impact on your standing as a researcher. 

This module will introduce you to the three P's of preparing for a publication:

  • Planning including setting objectives and selecting a publication source.
  • Publishing issues such as open access, discoverability and writing tips.
  • Promoting and tracking your research and publications.

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