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Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Providing open license and useful materials for learning & teaching.


Open digital collections from galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAMs)

Many heritage collections have joined the Open GLAM movement and have made their digital image collections open access under Creative Commons licences, or have released downloadable high resolution images of out-of-copyright materials. These OpenGLAM digital collections include historic photographs, maps, artworks and images from books.

Check individual websites for digital collections and look for Terms of Use or Creative Commons Licences to see whether you can use them freely for teaching or study.

Some collections include:

OER Images

Most of the websites listed on this page provide Creative Commons licensed images that you can copy and re-use without permission. Other websites offer either public domain images (their copyright has expired), or materials that the creators have released into the public domain for people to freely use. 

OER Videos


Youtube search box

Youtube search screen results showing the filter selected, and creative commons pointed to.

youtube video selected with show more option highlighted.

the bottom of the Youtube show more page - showing the type of crative commons licence.

Selecting and choosing videos with Creative Commons Licence.(2020). (YouTube)