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Researching Materials (Fibres and Fabrics)

Research a fibre, fabric or textile innovation

Getting Started

A good place to start your research is to consult these textbooks.  

Tip: Use the index and contents pages to search for a particular fibre or fabric.  

You can also find similar titles in the library at call number 677.


       Fabric for fashion: The complete guide        Textile science           Fabric science        Fabric Glossary        Textile fibres        


Smart textiles

Futuro textiles        Functional clothing design         Tribocorrosion of passive metals and coatings         smart textiles        designing with smart textiles         multidisciplinary know-how for smart-textile developers

Textiles and Materials in Library Search

Tip: Search by keyterms textile, textiles, textile design, knitting, crochet, weaving, screen printing, surface design

Search for individual fibres and fabrics: polymers, cotton, wool, silk etc.

Search for new textiles eg. textile* AND innovation,  textile* AND technology


All our books, plus millions of journal articles in one search.

Key Databases

Find articles and more information on textiles in these databases

Useful websites for researching and sourcing textiles