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Landscape Architecture

This research guide will provide you with starting points for finding information on landscape architecture.

Find books

Find books, e-books and chapters

Try a variety of search terms or "keywords" - to find books on your topic using Library Search

For example: 

  • The name of a landscape architect or designer you're researching - e.g., Walter Burley Griffin 

  • A design style/movement - e.g., Ancient Classical, Asian Urbanism 

  • Type of work - e.g., private garden, parks, wetlands, urban  

  • Place of work - e.g., Naarm, Melbourne, Australia, Japan. 


Use the "Resource Type" filters and select "Books" to see books that match your keyword search. 

You can also select the "Show Only" filter "Online" if you want to view e-books only 

How to find a book in the library

This video explains how to understand a call number to locate a book in the Library.

RMIT University Library (14 October 2021) ‘How to find a book in the Library’ [video], RMIT University Library, YouTube website, accessed 14 April 2023.

Browse the shelves

Browse the Library shelves for books using the following call numbers:

Landscape Architecture

  • 580: Botany

  • 581.994: Flora of Australia

  • 635: Horticulture

  • 712: Landscape architecture & design

  • 712.0221: Landscape architectural drawing

  • 712.09: Landscape architectural history

  • 712.6: Landscape gardening

  • 719: Natural landscapes

  • 712.3: Perspective

  • 711: Urban and area planning

Related call numbers

  • 304.2: Human ecology

  • 307: Communities

  • 333: Economics of land and energy

  • 535.6: Colour

  • 620.112: Materials science

  • 624: Structural design:

  • 690 - 699: Building construction

  • 691: Building materials

  • 692.3: Specification writing

  • 741.2: Drawing techniques

  • 745.4: Design theory


See the Library’s e-Book guide for tips on using e-books.

Search skills

Use the Library to get started with your assessment - find out how to research your topic to find suitable information.