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Information Management

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The following is a selection of videos related to information management. To view the videos, click on each title and enter your login details when prompted.

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Documentaries on mobile libraries

Around the world mobile libraries deliver books by a variety of means: from bike, to boat and even a garbage truck. Their readers can be children in the slums of Bhopal in India, homeless people in Portland, USA, or simply those for whom the next book is simply too far away. We get to know the motives of these mobile librarians as they take us into the colourful everyday world of readers in India, Italy, the Caribbean, Colombia and Portland, USA.

Professor Luciano Floridi : "The Fourth Revolution"

Who are we, and how do we relate to each other? Luciano Floridi, one of the leading figures in contemporary philosophy, argues that the explosive developments in Information and Communication Technologies is changing the answer to these fundamental human questions. 

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