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Harvard Referencing for Visual Material

This guide provides examples on how to reference visual material using the Harvard referencing style.

Game Boys


Citing computer or online games

Note: Snooks (2002) does not provide guidance for computer games. The following derivative elements should be cited consistently. Use the following examples for computer games, video games or electronic games.

What should be included: 

Provide the name of the publisher and year of publication in the in-text citation. Computer games and software are referred to by title in italics in the narrative.  In Reference List provide Authoring body/publisher year of publication, Title of  the game, format, Console type, Publisher or Distributor in Australia if different to publisher, Place of publication if known. Any special credits and other information that might be useful can be noted after the citation.


Minecraft game (Mojang 2009) is about...

Historical fiction adventure game as Assassins creed III (Ubisoft Entertainment 2012) incorporates design elements that …

..some will argue that  League of Legends (Riot Games 2009) was the most watched video game in the world.

Reference list:

Mojang 2009, Minecraft, video game, Xbox 360, Mojang, Sweden. 

Ubisoft Entertainment 2012Assassins Creed IIIcomputer program, Ubisoft Australia.

Riot Games 2009, League of Legends, digital download, Windows 8, patch 8.5, Riot Games, Los Angeles, CA.

Epic Games 2018, Fornite, digital download, Windows 8. Epic Games, Poland.