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Research Integrity

A guide outlining Library support available to Researchers and HDRs on aspects of research integrity.

Research Integrity Training and Education (RITE)

There are a range of ways that you can learn more about research integrity. RMIT offers online and in-person training for our research community.

Research integrity online module - Compulsory

The value of research is dependent on integrity. This module introduces the principles and responsibilities of research integrity and the Australian Code for the the Responsible Conduct of Research, and why they matter. The module will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and will require a satisfactory pass on the final assessment.

Additional modules

Additional modules are available for specific aspects of research integrity. These are highly recommended but not compulsory. Please complete the module based on your primary role at RMIT:

  • RITE: Planning your research
  • RITE: Conflicts of interest
  • RITE: Professional responsibilities
  • RITE: Managing and recording your research
  • RITE: Communication and social responsibility
  • RITE: Data selection, analysis and presentation
  • RITE: Scholarly publication
  • RITE: When things go wrong

RMIT offers workshops to support and encourage research integrity. They engage researchers in thinking about research integrity in the context of their own research, and to translate principles to practice

For links and additional details see the Researcher Portal.