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Open access publishing

This guide introduces open access, its benefits, the different models, APCs, policies and resources, and OA @ RMIT University.

How to find an open access journal

Open Access Journals (or OA journals) are electronic-based journals that make their published content available freely to all immediately upon publication. They differ from traditional journals (toll access journals) in that their business model is not based on subscriptions, i.e. readers are not charged fees to access the journal’s content. 

For this model to work, authors can be charged an Article Processing Charge (APC), to move the cost from the readers to the authors. Publishers who take advantage of authors looking to publish quickly and easily and who are willing to pay the APC are referred to as unethical or predatory publishers.

Publishing in an Open Access journal is often referred to as Gold Open Access. With this model, the final peer-reviewed or published version of the article is freely available from publisher’s website.  

Search the following resources to find an Open Access Journal that is relevant in your area:

Open Access journal options flowchart