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Human Rights, International Studies and Development, Development Economics, Intercultural Communication (SOCU1025)

This guide will introduce you to Human Rights, International Development, Development Economics, International Studies, Intercultural Communication (SOCU1025) that will help you with your assignments and research.


Some useful subject headings you could use to search include:

  • Children's rights
  • Civil rights
  • Democracy
  • Discrimination
  • Human rights
  • Human rights - Australia
  • Human trafficking
  • Race
  • Race discrimination
  • Race discrimination - Australia
  • Race relations
  • Slavery
  • Social justice
  • Women's rights

You can also browse the shelves using these call numbers:

  • 303.372: Social justice
  • 306.74: Sex trafficking
  • 321: Systems of governments & states
  • 322: Relation of state to organized groups
  • 322.4: Political action groups
  • 323: Civil/human rights
  • 323.4: Specific civil rights; limitation and suspension of civil rights
  • 340: Law
  • 341: International law
  • 364.15: Human trafficking