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Law and Justice

This guide provides access to major Australian and international legal resources and help on searching them.

Search Tips for Finding Resources on Jurisprudence

Use these search tips in LibrarySearch and Google Scholar

Search Tips:

  • Use quotation marks to search for phrases "legal positivism"  
  • Use the star to search for variant endings of a word feminis* (finds feminist, feminism)
  • Use the question mark to search for alternative spellings of a word globali?ation  (finds globalisation, globalization)

Finding Books on Jurisprudence

Use LibrarySearch to find books on jurisprudence by, for example:


  • jurisprudence
  • legal philosophy
  • natural law
  • legal positivism
  • liberalism and law
  • law and economics
  • postmodernism and law
  • feminist jurisprudence
  • sociological jurisprudence
  • author : Suri Ratnapala


Finding Journal Articles on Jurisprudence

Before you begin searching:

  • Define your topic or research question
  • What are the key concepts?
  • Compile a list of keywords and synonyms

Example: Find a journal article that discusses morals and the law.

Use these search terms:

      moral* OR ethic* OR beliefs AND law 

Search these databases to find Australian law journal articles: