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Open Research

This guide provides information on a number of different ways you can embed open practices into your research.

What is open scholarship?

Open scholarship includes all forms of openness in the teaching and research environment. It enables free access to research outputs and educational resources outside paywalls and beyond the academy, 'changing how knowledge is created, preserved, and shared'.  By embracing open practices and frameworks, our researchers, teachers and students will join a world-wide movement of scholars with deep links into their communities.

Arthur, P. L., Hearn, L., Montgomery, L., Craig, H., Arbuckle, A., & Siemens, R. (2021). Open scholarship in Australia: A review of needs, barriers, and opportunities. Digital Scholarship in the Humanities36(4), 795-812.

Open scholarship encompasses both open research and open educational practices. It is underpinned by open access and open licencing.

  • Open access - Who can find it?  Does it cost anything?
  • Open licencing - Who can reuse it?  Under what conditions


Learn more on our Open Scholarship SharePoint site (RMIT login required).

Shape open scholarship at RMIT

RMIT as a global university of technology, design and enterprise is committed to intellectual inquiry that enriches our diverse communities through open scholarship. RMIT embraces the principles of open scholarship and the free flow of research and learning, transforming how our community discovers, accesses, uses and creates knowledge. To meet these principles of Open Scholarship, RMIT will work to make its research outputs visible and accessible and our learning collaborative and flexible to maximise the impact and benefit for our communities.

Resolution passed at Vice Chancellor's Executive Committee and endorsed RMIT Academic Board, October 2021

Collaborate with us

We want to collaborate with RMIT teachers, researchers, students, and all those working with them, to develop open scholarship at RMIT.

Our aim is to create an institutional Open Scholarship Policy that will facilitate ongoing debate at a national and international level, and point to pathways for developing a robust 'open' culture and practice at RMIT. 

Engage with us by exploring this website. Let us know your views, ideas and questions about how you see Open Scholarship - both the opportunities and the barriers - in your teaching, research and allied practices.

Find out how to collaborate with us at the Open Scholarship SharePoint site (RMIT login required).