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Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Providing open license and useful materials for learning & teaching.

What is DRM-free?

Have a look at this video that explains the 2 main types of OERs.

Digital rights management (DRM) is any system used by publishers and vendors to embed limits on what users can do with electronic files, such as e-books and videos. These limits are designed to restrict copying, sharing and reformatting.

Whilst most OERs are published under open licenses with the ability to adapt and modify, Digital Rights Management free (DRM-free) resources allow greater flexibility and accessibility than standard e-book platforms. For example, this might include the ability to download and print greater portions of an e-book.

Some benefits of DRM-free resources include:

  • Simultaneous online access for an unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited chapter downloads that never expire
  • Allowing students to freely download, print, copy and save content
  • Availability for use at any time, from anywhere
  • Maximising an e-book's portability and usability

Copyright restrictions include:

  • Cannot be modified
  • Cannot be shared


Differences between OER and DRM-free:
Open Educational Resources DRM-free Resources

Open licensed, so resources may be:

  • Copied and distributed
  • Edited and modified

Traditional copyright applies, so:

  • Cannot be edited and modified
  • Each user must download their own copy from the library website
Free to access online Purchased by the library and available through the library website
Wide variety of different publishers and authors and formats Published by traditional academic publishers

DRM-free Resources

While many publishers include DRM-free books within their existing collections, below are some publishers that provide extensive DRM-free resources.

EBSCO Faculty Select (2.34 min) by EBSCO. YouTube

If you would like the library to purchase a DRM-free textbook, please submit a Purchase Request Form, or use the 'Contact Us' details on this page.