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Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Providing open license and useful materials for learning & teaching.

Creative Commons licenses

Open Educational Resources are subject to Creative Commons Licensing. These licenses are as follows:

  •  Attribution (BY): Allow to copy, adapt, modify, share the work as long as the original creators are credited for any  purposes. 
  •  Attribution (BY) - Share Alike (SA): All rights as Attribution (BY) license and new creations have to be licensed under same terms as the original work. 
  •  Attribution (BY) - No Derives (ND): Allow to copy, share but keep the work unchanged and in whole for any purposes.‚Äč
  •  Attribution (BY) - Non-commercial (NC): Allow  to copy, adapt, modify, share the work for non-commercial purposes only.
  •  Attribution (BY) - Non-commercial (NC) - Share Alike (SA): All rights as Attribution (BY)-Share Alike (SA) license but for non-commercial purposes only.
  •  Attribution (BY) - Non-commercial (NC) - No Derives (ND): All rights as Attribution (BY) - No Derives (ND) license but for non-commercial purposes only.

You can find more information about licenses from the Creative Commons website.

Note: Not all OERs use the same licensing restriction. It is important to check the permissions of the OER before using them to ensure compliance with the terms. 

How to label third party content in Creative Commons licensed material Creative Commons licenses are designed to let others know how they may use work without infringing on copyrights.  Therefore, if you are distributing information under a Creative Commons Licence, and it includes content that isn’t covered by the Creative Commons Licence, this material needs to be clearly identified.


Open Attribution Builder

To assist in building your attribution to openly licensed material.