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Information and resources for using altmetrics to demonstrate research impact.

About figshare

figshare is an openly available repository for research outputs. 

Upload any file format, enabling sharing of posters, presentations, datasets, code, images and more, and get a DOI (digital object identifier) for your outputs.

Using figshare to host and share research outputs

You can keep your research private, share it via a private link, or publish it to make it publicly available when you choose.

With a figshare personal account you can upload files up to 5 GB, and get up to 20 GB of private storage and unlimited space for material made public on figshare.  

RMIT figshare institutional version

RMIT has an intuitional subscription to figshare.  If you have already created a figshare account with your RMIT email address the Library Research Data service will contact you about migrating to RMIT's subscription.  With an RMIT institutional account there is no storage or upload limit.

For more information on figshare at RMIT contact

figshare and your altmetrics

figshare is indexed by Google Scholar, and increases the reach and impact of your non-traditional research outputs by making them citable, shareable and discoverable.

Any research output uploaded and published on figshare is allocated a DOI (digital object identifier), a permanent and unique alphanumeric string which identifies content and provides a persistent link to its online location.  A DOI allows others to find your material online, and allows online attention to be tracked and counted.  Altmetric, for example, can only track and count mentions if they include a DOI linking back to the research output.