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Researcher Profiles and ORCID iDs

Maximise the visibility of your research outputs by discovering how to establish a researcher profile.


Why should I nominate RMIT University as a trusted party?
ORCID will allow an automated data feed with RMIT systems such as the new Research Repository, the Researcher Portal and the Find RMIT Researchers web tool. This will allow, for example, automated updating of nominated areas of research interest as outlined on an ORCID profile.


How can I have my ORCID ID appear on my academic profile on the RMIT website?
Register for your ORCID profile and link it with RMIT at Your ORCID ID should appear on your RMIT academic profile within a week.


‚ÄčWhat happens if I move institutions?
If you move institutions you keep the same ORCID. It is recommended that you add an alternative email address to your ORCID profile so that you maintain access if you move.

Resolving inaccuracies

What should I do if papers are missing from my researcher profiles?

Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar all have mechanisms for claiming authorship of papers. See the relevant pages on this guide.

What should I do if I see my papers on another person's profile?

Web of Science and Scopus

If you notice your papers incorrectly attributed to another researcher's Web of Science RsearcherID or Scopus Author Identifier it may have occurred because the database algorithms have inadvertently assigned the publication(s) to the wrong profile.  You can contact the platforms directly to request corrections.


Where there are inaccuracies in Web of Science ResearcherIDs or Scopus Author Identifiers the incorrect attributions may flow through to the researcher's ORCiD profile.  In this case you can request corrections directly with ORCID.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar advises that if you see your work on another researcher's profile it is best to contact that researcher directly.