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Researcher Profiles and ORCID iDs

Maximise the visibility of your research outputs by discovering how to establish a researcher profile.

Library Short Video: Adding your research outputs to ORCiD

The video below (requires RMIT login) outlines three methods for adding research outputs to your ORCiD profile, and importantly - why you might choose one method over another. 

Adding publications to ORCiD: Three methods

There are numerous ways to add publications to your ORCID profile. From the Biography section go to > Works > + Add.

Screencapture of ORCID Works section, showing Add dropdown menu

Steps for three of the main methods for adding works to your ORCiD profile are outlined below: 'Search & link', 'Add BibTex' and 'Add manually'.

Search & link

The recommended way to add "traditional" research outputs such as peer-reviewed journal articles to your record is via 'Search & link', as this tool directly connects to some organisations and databases and ensures accuracy of record data. 

  • Select ‘Search & link’ to bring up a list of author ID sources.
  • Next, scroll through the list and select an organisation/database you wish to connect to e.g. Scopus - Elsevier.
  • Select 'Authorise' and choose your profile - follow the steps to identify relevant publications to connect your ORCID with Scopus (see the video below for further details).

Add BibTeX

For databases or platforms that don't have a direct connection with ORCID (e.g. LibrarySearch, Google Scholar or EndNote), you can import citations in the form of BibTeX (.bib) files - more detail can be found on the ORCID website. 

Note: It's recommended that the Search & link import function is used wherever possible, as there have been some inconsistencies when trying to import BibTeX (.bib) files. 

To import a BibTeX file (.bib):

  • Select Add BibTeX to import a list of publications using a BibTeX file (.bib).
  • Next, select Choose BibTeX file to import and then select the BibTeX (.bib) file you want to import.
  • You will see any publications in a list. Select save (click the disk icon) next to the desired publication to add the work individually, or choose the Save all button to add all of the publications at once.
  • The publications will then appear listed under the Works section of your record, and you will be listed as the source.

Add manually

This method is suitable for adding NTROs and other Research Outputs not listed in the main databases connected to ORCID.

To add manually:

  • Complete all required fields. This includes Select a work category, Work type, and Title.

Screencapture showing the Works dialog box and Work details section, including the select work category, work type, and title fields.


  • Descriptions for all fields can be found from the ORCID website.
  • Apart from the work category and title of the work, it is highly recommended to also complete the work identifiers, e.g. DOI for journal articles, or ISBN for books. If an identifier is not available, fill in a URL.
  • For NTROs, and in particular for RMS records for ARC grants, ensure the Citation fields are complete. Select the citation type as Unspecified and add the NTRO citation exactly as you want it to appear in RMS. See the below example: 

Screencapture of Citation section of Works dialog box, highlighting citation field

A quick method for adding the citation can be to copy and paste from a CV or list of your works.

  • After completing the form, click Save changes to submit.

For further information follow these instructions to manually add publications to your ORCID record.

Support for ORCID profiles

The Library has a team of Teaching and Research Librarians available to assist staff and students in the use of library services and resources. In terms of research impact they are able to:

  • Assist with setting up your ORCID profile and adding your publications.
  • Assist with setting up other researcher profiles and integrating them with ORCID
  • Assist with the submission of material to the RMIT Research Repository