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Resources to support assessing the factual accuracy of claims.

Study Support Hub

Study Support Hub

Study Support Hub

The Study Support Hub in the Library is the place to go when you would like some help with your studies, coursework, and assignments. Meet with expert learning advisors, librarians and peer mentors, who will help you with planning and writing essays, maths and science coursework, research, referencing, and more. Locations and times are available through the website.

Learning Lab and StudySmart

The online resources in the Learning Lab provides a vast amount of help and information, including:


Writing                                    Assessment tasks                 Study skills               Maths support

Paraphrasing                           Essay writing                           Mind mapping             Mathematics

Linking words                          Reports                                    Note taking                  Science

Paragraphs                              Case studies                           Reading skills              Engineering

Sentence construction             Literature review                     Exam preparation        Physics

Spelling                                    Reflective journal                                                        Statistics

Academic style                        Oral presentations

Referencing                             Annotated bibliographies

                                                Group work

Study KnowHow Workshops

The workshops will help you with:

  • writing and study skills preparation
  • maths, physics and chemistry preparation

RMIT Library Videos

There are many short helpful Library videos available on the RMIT University YouTube channel. Get an understanding of resources the library provides in a quick and fun way.

Support from Vietnam

Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring

Copyright © RMIT University (2012). Photographer: Margund Sallowsky.

Peer mentoring programs are led by students who have been trained to support other students in their learning. Take advantage of these opportunities to exchange knowledge and experiences with other students in a way that is fun and relaxed.

Peer mentoring at RMIT is designed to match you with students who have performed well in your course. Peer mentoring is free to RMIT students.

Need help? Ask the Library!