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Reading Lists @RMIT

This guide is designed to provide support and information when creating a Reading List.

Why Reading Lists

Reading Lists are an interactive and collaborative way of managing course learning materials.

Teaching staff can:

  • Link students directly to learning materials
  • Ensure copyright compliance of learning materials
  • Get statistics on student usage
  • Collect and store readings, then add them to courses whenever you want
  • Easy to update and rollover lists each semester
  • Collaborate with others to create reading lists

Students can:

  • Easily find and access course learning materials
  • Access lists anywhere, any time, on any device
  • Gather resources into a personal repository directly from discovery systems, scholarly sources, publishers’ sites, online bookstores, and other websites
  • Provides functionality to ‘like’ readings and discuss them

Questions? Need help?

Reading List enquiries may be sent to the Library Online Learning and Teaching team, email:

What I love about Reading Lists

The following video shows RMIT University academic Cath Nolan from the College of Business & Law talk about Reading Lists.

Cathryn Nolan: What I love about Reading Lists in Canvas (2:19 min) by RMIT University Library (YouTube)