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Children's and Young Adult Literature

A guide for finding information on children's and young adult literature, books aimed at children and young adults, and teacher resources on the teaching of literature.

Why Read Aloud to Your Students?

Reading aloud to your class: Have a look at these books or find some yourself in LibrarySearch  using "oral reading" for your search terms.

"Reading aloud to older children . . .  has benefits both academic and emotional . . ." - Jim Trelease.  Read the whole, short article:

Publishers' Resources for Teachers

Some publishers provide resources for pre-school, primary and secondary teachers to use with the books they publish, e.g. teaching notes, units of work and ideas for research projects. 

The State Library of Victoria: Teachers' Resources

The State Library of Victoria's website promotes books, stories and writing. It also holds events and provides digital programs for young people.