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Research Data Management

Why publish or share your data?

Making data discoverable increases your research impact, assist with the verification of results, more importantly allows others to reuse the data in new ways creating new research endeavors. 

Sharing data could be a requirement of your funding body. For example:

There are instances where data cannot be shared or may first need to be de-identified:

  • confidentiality,
  • legal issues ( IP &  privacy), & contractual restrictions
  • ethics & sensitivity issues

# Data Impact

#dataimpact eBook (Australian National Data Service) ANDS

Get a DOI for your dataset

A DOI is a Digital Object Identifier.  DOIs can be applied to datasets hosted on openly accessible platforms or on data held securely.  RMIT staff and students can obtain a DOI using Figshare, the university's data repository, which allows each user to mint as many DOIs as needed for individual data sets or for larger collections of bundled datasets. 

More information about Figshare can be found here, or by contacting the library team at