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Landscape Architecture

This research guide will provide you with starting points for finding information on landscape architecture.

A guide to Art Image Research

The art and photography image collections listed below can be good starting points when researching the availability of suitable images. Several of the resources clearly state that the images are free of copyright restrictions and can be used for educational use.  The images need to be checked as to whether they are free of copyright (may be reused), may be used with acknowledgement or permission.

Sea shell art

Copyright © RMIT University (2006). Photographer: Margund Sallowsky.

Museums and Galleries Art Image Collections

Use major galleries and art museums websites to search and use digital images of their collections for your study. Many websites allow downloading of high quality images. Always check websites copyright statements before use. 

Art Image Databases

Use as a starting point to find high quality art images from major western and some Asian resources.

Australian Art Images

Asian Art Collections

Photographic Libraries

Clipart, Photographs and Popular Images (Creative Commons)

Note: Images found on the sites listed below may be protected by copyright. Check their terms of use or copyright statements to make sure that you can download and use the images for educational purposes.

Archival Images