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Mobile Apps for Students, Teachers and Academics

This guide gives useful mobile app recommendations for smartphones and tablets. Aimed at students, teachers and academics, these apps can help you with your study and work, productivity and general well-being.

Do you want to recommend apps?

Send us your favourite or useful apps and we'll consider them for inclusion here if they meet the teaching, learning and research needs of the University, promote student engagement and inclusion, or help with general wellbeing which is important for productive working and learning.

To recommend one or more apps, please email Sara at with the following information:

  • App name
  • Short description
  • Is it available for Apple or Android, or both?
  • Link to the app's webpage that provides more information on the app
  • Link to download the app for iPhone and/or Android
Please note: Recommending apps is open ONLY to current RMIT students and staff.


For more information on RMIT student apps, check out the RMIT Student Software and apps page.

NOTE: Opening Android app links

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This is beyond our control, as it is a limitation with Google Chrome.

Log onto the university WiFi on your mobile device

Get connected. It's as simple as:

1. Choosing RMIT-University.

  • RMIT–University is available to RMIT students, RMIT staff and authorised visitors. This secure or ‘closed access’ network will appear in the wifi settings of your device. It enables authorised users to access the internet and RMIT’s network.
  • RMIT–Support is the temporary network available to first time users of the RMIT community. This ‘open access’ network will appear in the wifi settings of any device you may choose to work on.

2. Entering your RMIT ID and password.

For more information about how to get connected see Getting Connected at RMIT. It contains step-by-step instructions explaining how to gain access to the RMIT wireless networks, no matter which mobile device or laptop you bring on campus.