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Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and Tertiary Preparation

Provides starting points for finding information to help with VCE studies. It will also assist with using the Library.

VCE Year 11 and 12 - All Your Key Resources in One Place

Welcome to RMIT Library VCE subject guide.  The guide will provide you with information and guidance on finding your key resources, plus lots of extra information and help with assessments. Each subject area has links to Library copies of your textbook and there is usually one copy on Reserve for your use at Carlton Library.

VCE, Study and Stress

The video below is worthwhile watching for some good strategies to use when dealing with the stresses of VCE.

Information Literacy: Key Concepts

There is one skill that has become vital in just about any modern workplace: the ability to manage and interpret information, quickly and confidently. Highly valued by employers, information literacy is critical if you want to rise through the ranks – no matter what field you’re in.

By undertaking the Information Literacy credential, you’ll learn how to

  • search for the information you need,
  • organise and appraise it,
  • interpret it
  • and properly store it so it can be referenced again later.

Assessment and activities include:

  • Multiple choice questions and responses based on 'an assignment that requires research'
  • Self-assessment of personal search strategies
  • Self-assessment on assessing sources 

Register for the Information Literacy credential.