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Harvard Referencing for Visual Material

This guide provides examples on how to reference visual material using the Harvard referencing style.

Image examples

Notre-Dame du Haut Exterior, Ronchamp, by Le Corbusier, 1950-1955, Oxford Art Online,

Example Photo By Valueyou (talk) , CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Images from a database

The Library subscribes to several image databases i. e. ARTstor and Oxford Art Online. If you are only referring to an image found in a database within your essay, thesis or work, then you reference the image using the examples below.

Note: If you have inserted the image into your essay, thesis or work, refer to the Figures and Tables page within the guide for examples.

What should be included:
Elements of reference for an image within a publication are:
Person/s responsible for the image, date of image creation, 
Title in Italics, format, date viewed, Database name.


.....(Le Corbusier Notre-Dame du Haut, exterior)

Reference list:

Le Corbusier, c. 1950-1954, Notre-Dame du Haut, exterior, photograph, Ronchamp, France,  viewed 12 January 2012, Oxford Art Online database.