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Research Data Management

Creating a Research Data Management Plan

You should document how you will manage your research data before you start your research.

You may need a research data plan for your research grant application or as a contractual requirement.

Other benefits of having a plan are:

  • Maintain easy access to the data for reference 
  • Increase the public profile of researchers and institutions
  • Enables future use of data by you and other researchers

RMIT has outlined some guidelines to assist you in managing the research data management.

What to Include in your Data Management Plan

  • A description of the research data - include the type and quantity of data, the format it is saved in and where it is stored
  • Access arrangements, both during and after the research project
  • How data reuse/sharing will be enabled
  • Any access, reuse or confidentiality restrictions
  • Intellectual Property ownership and copyright
  • How long the data needs to be retained for
  • Any disposal or destruction conditions

Data Management Plan Templates

RMIT has developed Data Management Plan templates that you can use to plan and record how you will store and look after the research data you use and collect.

Use of the templates is optional. If you are seeking more sophisticated data management planning tools, links are available in the Research Data Planning Tools box below.

Research Data Planning Tools

External tools for creating a data management plan

DMP Tool

Australian National Data Service (ANDS)

The what, why and how of data management planning


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