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What is referencing?

Referencing Guides

Play against the Referencing Ninja

Test your understanding of the importance of referencing. Do you know the consequences if you do not reference properly? Know the two methods of referencing: (i) in-text and (ii) reference list. 

You and the Referencing Ninja play three rounds. You need to match statements by 'dragging and dropping' them into the correct box. It is recommended that you watch the video prior to taking the quiz.

What is referencing?  Will you be a Referencing Ninja?

Creating a Reference List Citation

A link to Easy Cite has been provided, along with a Reference List worksheet, and a sample journal article.

What details do you need to reference the journal article?

Use the Reference List worksheet to list the citation details and to reference the sample journal article in correct APA format, as if you are referencing it for an assignment.

Citing in the text

A series of five statements are provided where you select from a drop-down menu the correct in-text citation. Only one response may be selected for each question.

When you cite references in the text of your work, you should include the following:
  • author's name
  • year of publication
  • page numbers (if using a direct quote, or statistics)
There are many variations on the way the above details can be used in your writing.
For example; APA uses a comma after the author’s name (eg. Brown, 2006) whilst Harvard does not use a comma (eg. Brown 2006).

Both referencing styles have a comma after the year if using page numbers.
  • (Brown, 2006, p. 28) - APA
  • (Brown 2006, p. 28) - Harvard‚Äč



The Library's EndNote: managing your references page has all the information you need, more specifically: