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Legal Research Methods

This guide provides access to major Australian legal resources. It also provides tips on searching for different types of legal resources.

Find journal articles

AGIS Plus Text

Search query: legal profession 

Search query: legal ethics

Westlaw AU

Advanced Search -- Free text: "legal practice" ethics Australia 

LexisNexis AU

Search terms: legal practice and ethics 


Go to Advanced search -- All journals databases -- All of these words -- "legal practice" and skills and ethics and Australia


Use LibrarySearch to find texts by key word:

practice of law Australia

legal ethics Australia

trial practice Australia


The Laws of Australia

Chapter 27.3 Professional Liability -- Legal Practitioners

Halsbury's Laws of Australia

Sources -- Halsbury's Laws of Australia

Chapter 250 Legal Practitioners

Chapter 325 Practice and Procedure

Australian cases

FirstPoint via Westlaw AU

Browse Classification -- N-S -- Professions and trades -- Lawyers

Browse FirstPoint -- Procedure

CaseBase via LexisNexis AU

Search terms: legal practice

Recent High Court judgments.