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Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)

Provides starting points for finding information to help with VCE studies. It will also assist with using the Library.

VCE Year 11 and 12 - All your key resources in one place

Welcome to RMIT Library VCE subject guide.  The guide will provide you with information and guidance on finding your key resources, plus lots of extra information and help with assessments. Each subject area has links to Library copies of your textbook and there is usually one copy on Reserve for your use at Carlton Library.

For students studying VCE in 2018, here is a link to a list of frequently asked questions from the Victoria Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

VCE, Study and Stress

The video below is worthwhile watching for some good strategies to use when dealing with the stresss of VCE.

Library help

The Library has created online tutorials, videos and information pages to help you find the resources you need for your assignments.

You can also ask for help with finding resources for your studies and with using the Library's services and facilities:

June Frost June Frost, PH: 99256576