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SEH: Information Research Methods

This online tutorial is a compulsory module of ONPS2412 / BIOL1070

Information Research Methods: Online Units

1. Developing a Search Statement

Learn how to define your research topic, identify the important aspects of your search, compile a list of keywords, and create a search statement using database operators.

2. Searching Databases

Covers identifying relevant databases, modifying your search strategy and cited reference searching.

3. Working with your Search Results

How to stay current, evaluation, referencing software and accessing the full text.

Help and Feedback

Contact your School Liaison Librarian with any questions or feedback about the Information Research Methods module, or if you require any further assistance with your research.


Irene Caleb
School of Science
Carlton Library
RMIT University City Campus
+(61 3) 9925 2754


Karen MacVean
School of Health & Biomedical Sciences
Bundoora Library
RMIT University Bundoora West Campus
+(61 3) 9925 7384

Remote Students

Additional services are available for RMIT University students who reside outside Melbourne Met Zone 2 or in states other than Victoria.

More information : Postal loan service for remote students